Rachel + Matt | Late December Wedding in Palo Duro Canyon

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"We were together...I forget the rest" - Walt Whitman

Literary quotes decorated Rachel and Matt's wedding - making their day a true reflection of their personalities. Even before Matt came along, Rachel always wanted a winter wedding and I hope the late December day in Palo Duro Canyon was everything she imagined it would be. Despite the 20 degree weather- and from a photographer’s perspective - I’m so glad they still decided to get married outside. In the frigid temperatures they said their vows as Rachel’s dad officiated and they planted a new pine tree together. It was a representation of their young marriage and the years of cultivation and care ahead of them. 

Venue | Palo Duro Canyon
Flowers | Market Street Amarillo (Lee Stinsman) 
Cakes | Market Street Amarillo
Wedding Planner | Krystal Burns
DJ | Jack Light at DJ Entertainment

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