Mark + Madi | Fun and Playful Engagement Photos in Amarillo, Texas

Just know that if you decide to book your engagement/wedding photos with me, I’m definitely going to make you hug, kiss, and cuddle, and I might even make you dance in the street or run down the road holding hands with each other. Fair warning! Madi and Mark were one of my most FUN couples to date! I never had to prompt them to laugh at each other or giggle. It was so natural for them. Their smiles, their hugs are genuine and they come from a place of pure love for each other. They are best friends. They went along with all of my crazy plans and had a great time while doing it.

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The Forrest Family | Lighthearted Summertime Family Photos in Canyon

You know what I love about three year olds? We’re on their time, their schedule, and they honestly run the photo session - which makes my job easy! Little Kennedy here is so spirited and precocious. The best photos that we got (in my opinion) are the ones where her sunny personality shines through. I love the way she hugs her mom and laughs with her dad. I feel like those are the photos that mom and dad are going to look back on and remember what she was like during this time. It’s easy to forget how your babies were even a month ago. I think pictures can help jog those memories more than anything else.

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Ngun + Zing | Portrait Session in Traditional Burmese Dress

Coolest photo shoot ever? Yes.

To be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to take photos of before I showed up to this session. Par (not pictured) had booked the session last minute and didn’t quite explain to me what the purpose of it was! Haha! But sometimes surprises are absolutely wonderful. She explained to me that in the Burmese American community there is a conference every year in Indiana and within that conference there is a pageant for the young women. Her sister, Ngun, and their friend, Zing, are going to be in that pageant in July and they have to have pictures of themselves in their traditional Burmese clothing for it.

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Kayla SmithComment
Seth + Jayla | Traditional and Elegant Wedding at St. Mary's Cathedral in Amarillo

Seth and Jayla are really the loveliest, sweetest people and I feel lucky that they chose me to take their wedding photos. And not only are they sweet, but their family and friends are spectacular. They had some of the nicest bridesmaids and groomsmen that I’ve encountered in the many weddings that I’ve photographed. It’s no wonder they invited over 400 people to their wedding! They are loved by many.

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Ling + Dawt | Vibrant Amarillo, Texas Engagement Session

What a lovely pair these two make! They didn’t let the surprise thunderstorm we experienced when we got to Palo Duro Canyon crush their spirits. And honestly, bring me all the thunderstorms! They bring about the craziest but most beautiful, unique light that I can imagine. It makes photos so personal and so out-of-the-norm. While we waited out the rain for 45 minutes in our car, I didn’t feel lucky but once it subsided and we started shooting again I became downright giddy.

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BIG, exciting news for Kayla Smith Photography!

Over the past several years of working as a photographer, I have been truly blessed. Through hard work and God’s help, I have been able to grow a successful business in a saturated market.

I’m excited to announce that I will now be opening a photography studio!

I have had many clients express the need for 1) a place to take photos indoors when the weather is bad 2) something different from the usual on-location sessions and 3) types of sessions I had not been able to offer without a space of my own (professional headshots, newborns, etc).

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The Epp's | Cozy Family Pictures at Home

I was so glad to see the Epp family again and this time they have a new addition! Lincoln was born a few months ago and there’s no better place for family pictures at his age than at home. It’s where babies are most comfortable and mom and dad are most at ease. It’s just good :) The lovely natural light and adorable nursery doesn’t hurt either!

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Aren + Leanna | Sunny Engagement Photos in Palo Duro Canyon

Oh how I love a good nose-crinkling laugh! And Aren and Leanna’s engagement photos in Palo Duro Canyon were chock full of ‘em. These cuties have been together for 7 years and they still smile and giggle as if they just started dating. Yet they are so comfortable together (and that’s a very good thing). Despite the heat, the bugs, and the wind (you know, everything the Texas Panhandle is known for) they never stopped smiling. It was so much fun to spend the day with them and I know their Lubbock wedding this fall is going to be just as awesome.

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Tony + Lizzie | Sunrise Wedding in Palo Duro Canyon

I love that Tony and Lizzie kept their wedding day simple, sweet, and all about the most important thing: getting married. I love photographing weddings and all of the lovely little details but sometimes I think my industry has done a disservice to brides and grooms. There’s so much pressure for perfection and for everything to be over the top. I like it when a couple chooses to do what THEY want to do...not what Pinterest and all of social media tell them to do. Whether that means a big wedding or a small elopement, those are the best days.

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Jayla | Romantic Bridal Photos in Amarillo, Texas

I’m such a sucker for walls of green ivy, rose gardens, Tudor houses, and sweet brides. Jayla’s bridal photos at this house in Amarillo, Texas had all of this wrapped up into one beautiful package. I kept telling Jayla that this place was a playground for me and I had to rein myself back from shooting for hours upon hours (because I definitely could). It came to me at a time when I felt like I was in a rut, creatively speaking, and both Jayla and this place refreshed my creative spirit and breathed new life into me.

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