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Mark + Madi | Fun and Playful Engagement Photos in Amarillo, Texas

Just know that if you decide to book your engagement/wedding photos with me, I’m definitely going to make you hug, kiss, and cuddle, and I might even make you dance in the street or run down the road holding hands with each other. Fair warning! Madi and Mark were one of my most FUN couples to date! I never had to prompt them to laugh at each other or giggle. It was so natural for them. Their smiles, their hugs are genuine and they come from a place of pure love for each other. They are best friends. They went along with all of my crazy plans and had a great time while doing it.

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Weston + Aubrey | Proposal in Palo Duro Canyon

Proposals are just the best because I get to keep a secret! Sure, I’m nervous the whole time and freaking out that I’m going to accidentally say something to give the secret away but it’s so much fun!

Weston contacted me a few weeks ago because he and his girlfriend were coming to Palo Duro Canyon for a vacation. He knew that he wanted to propose and he knew that Aubrey would love having pictures of the moment. So we hatched a plan. He told her that his mom wanted to get pictures of the two of them so she thought it was a regular photo session. All that changed when at the end, overlooking the canyon at sunset, Weston got down on one knee and proposed. Weston was nervous for weeks leading up to that moment but I’m sure it was worth it :)

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My Favorite Spots to Take Photos in Palo Duro Canyon

I have taken engagement, family, senior, and wedding photos in Palo Duro Canyon literally dozens and dozens of times. It never gets old for me! Each time I’m driving on the flat plains and then suddenly the world opens up into the canyon, I am amazed. It is absolutely my favorite place to take pictures around Amarillo, Texas. It is beautiful and versatile. And because of that versatility, I thought it was necessary to create this blog to show some of my favorite spots within the canyon to take photos. These little sub-locations within the canyon are completely different from one another and it’s hard to choose a favorite among them. They all look great any time of year but some can look drastically different from one season to another and on those, I’ve noted which season the picture was taken in.

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Hannah + Ty | Colorful, Free-Spirited Wedding in Palo Duro Canyon

Ty and Hannah’s wedding was one for the books.

It was totally, 100%, completely different from any other wedding that I have photographed and that is a beautiful thing! It was refreshing, real, and so much fun.

Hannah and Ty came from Houston to get married in Palo Duro Canyon simply because they love it. They had tons of bridesmaids and groomsmen and family members come up to support them because they are very clearly loved and cherished by many. And I can see why. Both Hannah and Ty have something about themselves that attracts people to them like a magnet. They light up the room when they walk in and I noticed that right from the start.

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Springtime Family Photos in Palo Duro Canyon

I love it when grown up families get their photos taken! Don't get me wrong - I love kids - but it's so nice and easy to take pictures of adults. Mom and and Christy and Cody along with their son and daughter and their spouses came from all over Texas to hang out with each other for the weekend and get their family pictures taken. They are a close-knit, extremely fun bunch of people who laugh constantly. I love that they weren't afraid to be themselves in their photos. It made for some true to life pictures that they can cherish forever. 

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Jessica | Dalhart High School Senior Photos

It's senior photo season and I've had so much fun with my seniors this year! Jessica drove all the way from Dalhart, Texas on the prettiest of spring days to hang out with me for a couple of hours. We walked around downtown Amarillo while she wore her cap and grown and then we sped to Palo Duro Canyon to catch the sunset. This girl has style and a beautiful smile (the proof is in the pictures) but she also rocks those fierce expressions. I loved hanging out with her <3

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Maecee | Palo Duro Canyon Senior Photos

Can we all just stop and admire this girl's eyes for a second? Gorgeous! She's a senior from Borger with a heart of gold. I always think I get to take photos of the best people and Maecee is one of those <3 Her whole family tagged along for the experience and I can tell that they are excited for her to graduate from high school and go on to do exciting things. I'm also so glad this session finally happened. Poor Maecee had to get rescheduled twice due to our crazy Amarillo, Texas winds but she ended up with the most gorgeous day.

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Keegan | Palo Duro Canyon Senior Session

I'm always impressed by the teenagers that I come across in this town. Despite the constant negativity about young people, I have yet to photograph one who is nothing short of courteous and respectful. Keegan is definitely that type of senior. Even when I made him feel a little silly, he happily went along with everything. His friend, who came along for the shoot, asked me about my pregnancy and how it was going. At the end of the session, both boys shook my hand. It makes me sound old but I can see that their parents raised them right and it gives me a lot of hope. 

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Sawyer + Emily | Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Session

The way Sawyer proposed to Emily was pretty sweet. They knew they were going to get married at some point so they were already touring wedding venues. Their hearts were set on the Fulford Barn outside of Brownfield, Texas. They walked around the property and eventually made it to the lawn where much to Emily's surprise, Sawyer had set up a table with pictures of the two of them, beautiful flowers, and other sweet memorabilia. He then got down on one knee and asked her to become his wife. 

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Audrey + Josh | Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Session

Audrey and Josh are some of those fun, easy going clients that make my job so easy and enjoyable. They claimed that they were "super awkward" at taking pictures but I don't believe it. Once we warmed up a bit, they were so natural and even when we had awkward moments, they just turned them into fun, laughter-filled photos. During their session we also had the amazing experience of coming up on a pair of aoudad sheep hanging out on some cliffs (photo below). I constantly see deer in Palo Duro Canyon but I have never been so close to one of these sheep and I had a little bit of an excited freak out moment. Thanks for bearing with me, Audrey and Josh, and for creating some fun memories with me!

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Kailey + Michael | Engagement Photos in Palo Duro Canyon

I love this couple! It was yet another one of those sessions where I got too busy talking and getting to know them and started slacking on my actual job ;) We even talked for 15 minutes after the session was over. Kailey and Michael met at Nick's Fight Club, the gym where Michael works. The first day she was there he walked right up and talked to her. After several more times seeing each other at the gym, Michael eventually learned that Kailey LOVES Disney and he started quoting some of his favorite Disney lines to her. He even used a line from Mulan to ask her out for their first date. 

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Rachel + Matt | Late December Wedding in Palo Duro Canyon

"We were together...I forget the rest" - Walt Whitman

Literary quotes decorated Rachel and Matt's wedding - making their day a true reflection of their personalities. Even before Matt came along, Rachel always wanted a winter wedding and I hope the late December day in Palo Duro Canyon was everything she imagined it would be. Despite the 20 degree weather- and from a photographer’s perspective - I’m so glad they still decided to get married outside. In the frigid temperatures they said their vows as Rachel’s dad officiated and they planted a new pine tree together. It was a representation of their young marriage and the years of cultivation and care ahead of them. 

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