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Kaden + Averye | Glamorous Industrial Wedding at Kitalou Gin in Lubbock, Texas

To say that I was excited about Kaden and Averye’s wedding would be an understatement. For one thing, the two of them are absolutely adorable. They are high school sweethearts and they knew they would one day get married. After several years, they committed their lives to one another in front of 400 of their closest family and friends. They are loved by a lot of people and it’s not surprising. 

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Seth + Jayla | Traditional and Elegant Wedding at St. Mary's Cathedral in Amarillo

Seth and Jayla are really the loveliest, sweetest people and I feel lucky that they chose me to take their wedding photos. And not only are they sweet, but their family and friends are spectacular. They had some of the nicest bridesmaids and groomsmen that I’ve encountered in the many weddings that I’ve photographed. It’s no wonder they invited over 400 people to their wedding! They are loved by many.

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Planning for Stress-Free Family Photos on Your Wedding Day

Family portraits are such an important reminder of a wedding day but unfortunately, they can be one of the more stressful portions of the day. The last thing I want is for you to get the energy zapped out of you by family pictures (especially if bride and groom portraits are afterwards!). Here is my best advice for making sure family pictures go smoothly.

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Bethany + Tyler | Snowy Morning Winter Wedding at St. Mary's in Amarillo

I’ve said this before but I owe so much to Bethany. When I was first starting out in wedding photography about 4 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) she gave me a chance. She referred me to her friend who was about to get married. I shot that wedding and then a few more that Bethany referred me to. Then those weddings led to many more. I don’t know what caused Bethany to be such an evangelist for me but I will always be indebted to her for it.

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Hannah + Ty | Colorful, Free-Spirited Wedding in Palo Duro Canyon

Ty and Hannah’s wedding was one for the books.

It was totally, 100%, completely different from any other wedding that I have photographed and that is a beautiful thing! It was refreshing, real, and so much fun.

Hannah and Ty came from Houston to get married in Palo Duro Canyon simply because they love it. They had tons of bridesmaids and groomsmen and family members come up to support them because they are very clearly loved and cherished by many. And I can see why. Both Hannah and Ty have something about themselves that attracts people to them like a magnet. They light up the room when they walk in and I noticed that right from the start.

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Featured | The Knot Texas Fall/Winter 2018 Real Weddings

I am so excited and proud to have my photos of Cassidyy and Daniel's Amarillo wedding featured in the Real Weddings section of The Knot Texas's Fall/Winter 2018 issue! Last November, the magazine contacted me to tell me they would like to feature the wedding and naturally, I was ecstatic. I kept it a secret since then (that was hard!) but now that the issue has been published, I am shouting it from the rooftops. It's such an honor to be published in one of the most popular wedding magazines in the country.

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Rachel + Matt | Late December Wedding in Palo Duro Canyon

"We were together...I forget the rest" - Walt Whitman

Literary quotes decorated Rachel and Matt's wedding - making their day a true reflection of their personalities. Even before Matt came along, Rachel always wanted a winter wedding and I hope the late December day in Palo Duro Canyon was everything she imagined it would be. Despite the 20 degree weather- and from a photographer’s perspective - I’m so glad they still decided to get married outside. In the frigid temperatures they said their vows as Rachel’s dad officiated and they planted a new pine tree together. It was a representation of their young marriage and the years of cultivation and care ahead of them. 

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Sheridan | Westminster Presbyterian Church Bridal Session

Sheridan is really a kindred spirit to me. I've never had a bride so organized and efficient and I absolutely love it! She's one of those brides that I jive so well with. But while we get stuff done, we also have ton of fun during her sessions. I shot her engagement session with now-husband Jerry back in April and then I shot her bridals a couple of weeks ago. Her hilarious, wonderful mother was there during bridals, of course, and she made the experience even better. 

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Channing + Josiah | Spirit Ranch Wedding in Lubbock, Texas

The night before Channing and Josiah's wedding their pastor got a text from a friend because God told him that peacocks would be a sign of the Holy Spirit for him. That friend didn't know that the next day the pastor would be performing a ceremony at Spirit Ranch - a venue known for its flock of peacocks that roam the grounds. During their wedding ceremony they chose to spend time in worship, right before officially becoming husband and wife. 

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Amy + Ross | First Christian Church & McPherson Cellars Wedding in Lubbock

I could go on and on about how much I love this couple. Just one example of how sweet and amazing they are: Amy texted me the morning after her wedding to say thank you. That one text totally exemplifies how Amy and Ross live their lives - with love, kindness, and consideration for everyone around them. They really are perfect together and I know that they are going to do some amazing things in their marriage.

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Carsyn + Tino | Elegant Wedding at St. Lucien's and Amarillo Botanical Gardens

Carsyn + Tino packed a ton of their loved ones into the quaint St. Lucien’s Chapel, which I now believe is one of Amarillo’s best kept secrets. Right before their ceremony, a couple of things happened. First, the bride and groom stood back to back, without seeing each other, as their closest family members surrounded them and covered them in prayer. Tear drops fell down Carsyn’s cheeks during the special, intimate moment. Then, seconds before they walked down the aisle, the sky erupted with a downpour of rain.

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Kayce + Conner | Palo Duro Canyon Wedding

Kayce and Conner's wedding was filled with wildflowers, smiles, and amazing people. I talked about this a little bit in her bridal shoot blog but I have to reiterate: Kayce and Conner are the best of people and they clearly surround themselves with people just like them. From a photographer's standpoint, the couple's relaxed attitudes made their wedding day so special and meaningful. I could sense their trust and that allowed me to do my best work. 

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