Allison + Eric | January Wedding at Autumn Oaks Event Center in Lubbock

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You can tell a lot about a couple by the time the wedding toasts occur. And for Allison and Eric, it’s easy to see they are two amazing people who became one even more amazing married couple. Their family and friends were brimming with happy tears as they talked about each individual and how excited they were to see the two become husband and wife. It’s one of my favorite parts of a wedding day and their toasts are some that I won’t soon forget. It fills me with joy to know that I’m serving such great people. 

What I loved most about this day was the real, raw emotion that Allison and Eric weren’t afraid to show. I secretly love it when bride and grooms cry because they are going to look at their wedding photos and feel those feelings again. Their wedding at Autumn Oaks Event Center was a warm and windy January day full of happy bridesmaids (8 of them!), genuine love, and funny moments. It was an honor to document. 

Venue | Autumn Oaks Event Center

Catering | Ambrosia Catering

Florals | Market Street Lubbock

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