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Trip | Senior Pictures at Medi Park in Amarillo

Trip probably has one of the best serious faces that I’ve ever seen on a senior guy! His blue eyes pierce your soul. Haha. I barely had to tell him what to do during his senior photo session because he gave me so much to work with. His mom was just as surprised as me. I love how green and and colorful his photos turned out! Spring is definitely in full swing and I could not be more happy.

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Glen | Senior Photos in Downtown Amarillo

I love shooting in places that I don’t get to often! And 6th Street in Amarillo is one of those places! Glen wanted that Route 66 feel and I think we definitely found it. We also went to downtown Amarillo and took photos in some of Amarillo’s iconic spots. Glen may go far but his senior photos will always show where he came from.

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Elizabeth | Downtown Amarillo Senior Photos

Ascension Academy graduate Elizabeth is headed to become an architect!

We spent an hour in downtown Amarillo and then Wolflin for her senior photos and I think we found some spots that really complimented her beautiful red hair and bright red lips. She’s one of those girls that knows how to rock a soft smile (I’m so jealous). I think she looks so cool yet also professional in her senior pictures.

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Parker | Rainy Day Senior Photos in Palo Duro Canyon

We got this photo session finished right in the nick of time. We were just finishing up when a monsoon (ok, not really - it was just a rainstorm) broke out in the canyon. I’m so glad we all arrived to the session about 15 minutes early! I’m also glad that Parker, who plays guitar, decided to bring his two guitars to his senior photo session. Often, taking pictures isn’t the most comfortable/fun thing for guys to do, but I think having an activity helps make it more fun :)

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Olivia | Downtown Amarillo Senior Session

Gahhh….Olivia has such a pretty smile and we were blessed with the prettiest day for her senior photo session in Downtown Amarillo and then Wolflin. That’s what we call a win-win.

This girl is graduating high school early because she knows what she wants to do with her life! I don’t think I had that figured out until several years after high school. She wants to be a labor and delivery nurse and I applaud her because I think that would be one of the most difficult but rewarding jobs.

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Shaylee | Amarillo High Senior Photos

Shaylee's senior photo session was a wonderful one to end my season before starting maternity leave. She's a total sweetheart and once she warmed up to the camera (and to my silliness) we had a lot of fun together. You can't tell by these photos but we were plagued by 30 mph winds during her photo session and she totally made it work with her positive attitude. Her awesome mom Staci was there to fix hair in between shots. Near the end of the session, we decided to embrace the wind and the beautiful Amarillo sunset.

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Micah | Downtown Amarillo Texas Senior Photos

When your senior clients are 50 times cooler than you could ever hope to be. 

Micah is clearly that cool and equally as sweet. And I am in love with her style. We carefully planned out where we would go in downtown Amarillo based on her outfits and I was so happy when, on a whim, we stopped by one of my favorite spots that I never get to use. The gold, retro architecture seemed just her style and her eyes lit up when I told her about it (pictures below). 

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Jessica | Dalhart High School Senior Photos

It's senior photo season and I've had so much fun with my seniors this year! Jessica drove all the way from Dalhart, Texas on the prettiest of spring days to hang out with me for a couple of hours. We walked around downtown Amarillo while she wore her cap and grown and then we sped to Palo Duro Canyon to catch the sunset. This girl has style and a beautiful smile (the proof is in the pictures) but she also rocks those fierce expressions. I loved hanging out with her <3

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Maecee | Palo Duro Canyon Senior Photos

Can we all just stop and admire this girl's eyes for a second? Gorgeous! She's a senior from Borger with a heart of gold. I always think I get to take photos of the best people and Maecee is one of those <3 Her whole family tagged along for the experience and I can tell that they are excited for her to graduate from high school and go on to do exciting things. I'm also so glad this session finally happened. Poor Maecee had to get rescheduled twice due to our crazy Amarillo, Texas winds but she ended up with the most gorgeous day.

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