Kylie | Senior Pictures in Downtown Amarillo

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Yes! It’s already time for senior photos! While a shoot a lot of weddings, senior photos are one of my FAVORITE things to shoot because they are so much fun. To me, taking photos of seniors is easy and fun because a) teenagers these days have so much confidence in themselves and b) they are so cute!

Kylie was no exception. We started the session at Studio Amarillo to get some classic yet cool pictures and then we went download where we were blessed with the most perfect evening. I love it when clients and their moms give me ideas for pictures because they point out things that I might have missed. For example, Kylie lives in Canyon and they wanted to take pictures in front of the big Canyon sign outside of the Derrick Building. It was also Kylie’s mom’s idea to take pictures with one of the sculptures downtown. I honestly never would have thought about doing that but those ended up being some of my favorite pictures from the session because the light was amazing!

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