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Esther + Lucas | Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Photos

I’ve said it a thousand times, please bring your dogs to your photo sessions!

Especially when they are twin, white labradoodles. Austin and Dallas were a couple of spirited pups and I think they stole the show during Esther and Lucas’s engagement session in Palo Duro Canyon. I’m just kidding…but they were pretty fun!

These two are about to get married this year (in Arkansas in a glass chapel!). I’m so jealous of their wedding photographer. We got the best day imaginable for their engagement photos and that’s why I love living in Amarillo, Texas. Because even in the middle of January, we have the most beautiful, mild days.

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Jayla + Seth | Downtown Amarillo, Texas Engagement Photos

I’m so happy it’s engagement season because engagement photos are my absolute favorite type of session to shoot! I get to warm up with my clients and get to know them a little bit better before their wedding. Jayla and Seth are a couple that I am so excited about this year! When I first met them during our initial consultation I just knew that they were my type of client. They care about having good photographs of their wedding but they put their trust in my hands to provide that for them - as a photographer, there’s nothing better than that and it makes my job so worthwhile. Their engagement session in downtown Amarillo was full of laughter and silliness, a little romance, and some awesome rooftop views.

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Averye + Kaden | Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Session

Averye and Kaden are the type of clients that make my job way too easy. They’ve been together a long time and they are SO natural together and unbelievably photogenic. I also love how adventurous they are. It was pouring down rain the entire day before their engagement session and I called Kaden to see if he wanted to reschedule and we all decided to go through with it. I am so glad that we did because we would have missed out on the most beautiful light otherwise (see the last photos). They also convinced me to go to one last spot after shooting in the canyon and it resulted in some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.

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A-Young + Tony | Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Photos

These two came all the way from South Korea to take pictures with me! Just kidding. Tony is here doing his postdoctoral research in Amarillo and he brought along his lovely fiance. They will be getting married this December back home in South Korea and though I sadly don't get to photograph it, I loved taking their engagement photos in Palo Duro Canyon. I asked them what the landscape in South Korea is like and they told me it is mainly trees and mountains. Our little corner of Texas is drastically different from that so I told them their engagement photos are going to look like they were taken on Mars. I loved getting to meet these two and I wish them nothing but happiness!

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Bethany + Tyler | Amarillo, Texas Engagement Photos

I owe a lot to this girl right here. When I was just starting my photography business, after I had only shot one wedding, she recommended me to one of her friends that was getting married. And then that friend recommended me to another girl. Bethany continued telling her friends about me and my business continued to grow. I honestly don't think I would be where I am today without her evangelism. 

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Amber + Stetson | Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Session

Despite getting eaten alive by Texas's bugs in the Palo Duro Canyon, Amber and Stetson still managed to have a lot of fun during their engagement session. And I had a lot of fun as well! These two kept me laughing constantly. It's obvious that they are best friends and while they can be silly and goofy, they also know how to be romantic. They have the kind of personalities that make my job as their photographer so worthwhile and rewarding. 

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Emily + Jeremy | Engagement Photos in Canyon, Texas

I LOVE shooting at places that are special + unique to my clients and Emily and Jeremy gave me the opportunity to do just that! Jeremy is a firefighter in Canyon, Texas so it was only natural that we take photos of the pair in his fire station. After the station, we went out to their property south of Canyon where they own several acres and took pictures as the sun set in the Texas sky. We brought out their sweet horses just as the sun was meeting the horizon. 

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Leah + Tristan | Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Photos

Leah and Tristan have a wonderfully convoluted love story. They met while in college at a party about three years ago. While Tristan was immediately drawn to Leah, the next time they met she couldn't remember his name nor remember meeting him. After bumping into each other a couple more times, they eventually develop a friendship over shared interests and inside jokes. After several outings together, a friend asks them if they are dating and they realized that yes, they were. Eventually they fall in love and go on a trip to Europe where Tristan proposes to Leah in Rome on the Tiber River (I mean, WOW!).

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Maddison + Dan | Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Photos

These two have been together a long, long time. And it shows in the best of ways <3 

Their engagement session in Palo Duro Canyon turned out to have less than ideal weather conditions (sudden wind and rain!) but Maddison and Dan kept great attitudes and just had fun together. Those are the best kind of couples that I get to work with - the kind that go with the flow and live in the moment despite the turbulence around them. I loved getting to know them and I can't wait for their fall wedding.

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Jasmine + Chase | Amarillo, Texas Engagement Session

I met Jasmine way back in 2016 when I was photographing a wedding at the venue she works at - Three Falls Cove. Who knew that a couple of years later she would be getting married in the same spot to her sweet fiance, Chase!? The whole time I was photographing them, I was amazed at how Chase was happy to do just about anything I told him to do. All of my guys are wonderful but usually guys don't absolutely love getting their pictures taken. These two treat each other with so much respect and I loved getting to see that :) 

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Sawyer + Emily | Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Session

The way Sawyer proposed to Emily was pretty sweet. They knew they were going to get married at some point so they were already touring wedding venues. Their hearts were set on the Fulford Barn outside of Brownfield, Texas. They walked around the property and eventually made it to the lawn where much to Emily's surprise, Sawyer had set up a table with pictures of the two of them, beautiful flowers, and other sweet memorabilia. He then got down on one knee and asked her to become his wife. 

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Rocio + Marcus | Palo Duro Canyon Couple's Session

Marcus is a police officer in Dumas and Rocio has lived in Dumas her whole life. They first met in a very funny way (that I'm not allowed to talk about haha) but later met again while working out at the gym (that's their story and they're sticking to it). They are a really sweet, quiet couple that I eventually got to open up. They even started laughing at my corny jokes and I was able to get some fun pictures in addition to the more romantic shots. They are a lovely pair and I'm sure they have exciting things ahead of them.  

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