Emily + Sawyer | Romantic Wedding Day at Fulford Barn in Brownfield, Texas

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Emily and Sawyer are one of those amazing, sweet couples that serve as a reminder of why I love my job so much. They decided to get married in the same spot that Sawyer proposed - at the Fulford Barn in Brownfield, TX. Their wedding day was nothing short of magical.

The word that came to mind during their wedding day was romantic. Everything from Emily’s off-the-shoulder dress to the hand-lettered details spoke of romance. The Texas wind tried to get the better of us but their day was still so peaceful. The rustic barn venue that is tucked away in a grove of trees is an oasis among the flat plains. It was the perfect place for these sweet souls to get married while their family and friends supported them.  

Venue and Florals: Fulford Barn Dress and Accessories: Bella's Bridal Lubbock Hair and Makeup: Bella Vie by Kaitlyn Bridesmaid's Dresses: David's Bridal Cake: Tierly Beloved Cakes Hand Lettering: Katie Ridlehuber

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