Leah + Tristan | Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Photos

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Leah and Tristan have a wonderfully convoluted love story. They met while in college at a party about three years ago. While Tristan was immediately drawn to Leah, the next time they met she couldn't remember his name nor remember meeting him. After bumping into each other a couple more times, they eventually develop a friendship over shared interests and inside jokes. After several outings together, a friend asks them if they are dating and they realized that yes, they were. Eventually they fall in love and go on a trip to Europe where Tristan proposes to Leah in Rome on the Tiber River (I mean, WOW!). 

These two have a fun energy together. They crack tons of jokes but they also feel comfortable being cute and romantic. Their engagement session was a total blast and I'm sure their wedding will be as well!

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