Sheridan + Jerry | Westminster Presbyterian Church Wedding in Amarillo, Texas

Sheridan and Jerry are one of those couples that I find myself wanting to become best friends with. Their wedding was simply beautiful. It was elegant, sweet, and lovely (all of those good adjectives!) But what really stood out was how fun their wedding day was, especially the reception. Because they planned it well, they were able to relax and just laugh and have a good time together. 

A few examples of the fun-ness of their day: Sheridan and her dad Greg spent weeks rehearsing a choreographed Father-Daughter dance. They started out dancing slowly and no one saw it coming when the music suddenly changed and they broke out into their very unexpected dance moves. The pictures really can't do it justice and I can't wait to see the video!  Also, you have to see Jerry's groom cake. Their custom cake topper shows a bride (Sheridan) pulling the groom (Jerry) away from his garage, tools, and his classic car. Speaking of the classic car, Sheridan and Jerry ended the night by driving the GTO that Jerry restored through a sea of sparklers. 

Their day was a memorable start to a lifetime of fun and joy together. Congrats, you two. 

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