The Hall Family | Extended Family Photos in Palo Duro Canyon

Sometimes big family photography sessions can get me all jittery inside but the Hall family put me at ease! They came all the way from Utah for their eldest son Michael's graduation from medical school at Texas Tech and they figured it would be the perfect time to update their family photos since they have a few new members! A couple of new babies and a couple of new spouses joined their family in the past year :)

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Alyssa + Dexter | Spring Wedding at Walnut Tree in Olton, Texas

Alyssa and Dexter’s wedding was the perfect start to the 2019 wedding season. It had beautiful spring weather, a sweet first look, elegant lace, vintage details, some spectacular reception dance moves, and a family band jam session after the send off! What more could I ask for?

Alyssa and Dexter are quite perfect together. He is quiet but you can tell he is so comfortable with her. They laugh, they kiss, and they seem to communicate without words.

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Jake + Rebecca | Elopement at Texas Tech University

What a lovely pair <3

It had been a couple of years since I had taken pictures at Texas Tech University so I was so excited when Rebecca contacted me about shooting her elopement with Jake on campus in early May. They are both medical students and have been together for four years. I love that they chose to make their sweet, simple wedding ceremony all about their love together. It’s the best when a couple can relax on their wedding day. They simply showed up, took pictures, and started the rest of their lives together. It can be as easy as that.

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Caitlin + Daniel | Downtown Amarillo and Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Photos

These two have a unique story of how they met. Caitlin and Daniel met in high school when they worked at GameStop together. While Daniel likes video games, Caitlin just needed to make some money to pay her phone bill. Who knew a simple after school job would bring about their future spouse? They will be getting married in two years in Denver, Colorado at their dream wedding venue. For now, they don’t work at GameStop anymore but they still work together at another company. It’s easy to see that they are best friends <3

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Tori + Ben | Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Photos

Ahh, I love it when a couple just FITS together. You know what I mean? It’s easy, it’s relaxing, and it just works. That is the case with Ben and Tori. We had a little of that Texas Panhandle wind during their engagement photos but honestly, I think it helped. The way they fit naturally together and the way the wind blew her hair back gave us some pictures that I think were dynamic and real, but also quite timeless and romantic. Just lovely :)

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Alyssa | Bridal Photos at Joseph A. Hill Memorial Chapel

Alyssa is married so I can finally share her bridals! Unbelievable story: this was not the dress she got married in. Her original dress (not this one) was butchered during alterations (the hem and sleeves were literally cut off!). Her dream dress was ruined so she had to pick a new one (this one). But between her bridals and her wedding her talented mom took over and fixed her original dress! She was able to walk down the aisle in her dream wedding dress to her dream guy. What a story to tell.

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Hla Hla + Samuel | Downtown Amarillo Engagement Photos

I think I may be the official photographer of the Amarillo Chin Christian Church! Haha

A few weeks ago I took pictures of two girls Ngun and Zing for their upcoming pageant this summer with the Burmese American community, all arranged by their friend, Par. (I can’t share those pictures until after the pageant). Well, Par gave me a call a couple weeks ago because Hla Hla and Samuel needed engagement pictures! I was so excited for the opportunity to work with them again because last time was such a wonderful experience.

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Cara | Springtime Senior Pictures in Amarillo, Texas

First of all, I can’t get over how pretty Cara is! We got the dreariest day for her senior photos but she is absolutely vibrant. You can barely tell it was kind of rainy because she just shines. She was natural in front of the camera which makes my job super easy. I think everything about this shoot just screams Spring! Her outfits, the deep greens, even the rain, all came together to create something beautiful on a cloudy day.

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The Welch Family | Extended Family Photos in Palo Duro Canyon

I love this family! I took their photos last year back in July and I was so happy to get to see them again. They have been through a lot in the past year but they all seem to be doing wonderful. It is a huge joy of mine to be able to capture all of the moments in a family’s life. Jade and her husband Michael have spent the better part of the past few years apart because he is in the Marines but he is about to get out so they wanted some extra photos of just the two of them in his dress blues. It was special and I’m excited for the next chapter in their lives!

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Abdi + Luis | Downtown Amarillo Engagement Photos

Abdi wanted a springtime feeling for her engagement photos with her fiancé Luis and I think we got it! These two came all the way from Hugoton, Kansas for their session and we had so much fun together. They are young but they have been together for 5 years and have known each other for a long time. Abdi told me it took her two years to say yes to Luis asking her out. But I’m guessing it was worth the wait for Luis because they are getting married this summer! It’s going to be so exciting for them to build their life together <3

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Trip | Senior Pictures at Medi Park in Amarillo

Trip probably has one of the best serious faces that I’ve ever seen on a senior guy! His blue eyes pierce your soul. Haha. I barely had to tell him what to do during his senior photo session because he gave me so much to work with. His mom was just as surprised as me. I love how green and and colorful his photos turned out! Spring is definitely in full swing and I could not be more happy.

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