Wedding Albums from Kayla Smith Photography

It's been a goal of mine for quite some time to start providing wedding albums as an option for my wedding photography clients. There's nothing quite like holding a solid, physical book in your hands that's full of your favorite memories from the best day of your life. Flipping from page to page every so often, slowly going through the book and remembering each detail. It's more lasting and more permanent than the digital files that tend to get buried deep on your hard drive. 

Finally, I designed an album for Kayla Smith Photography. I wanted the album to match my brand: modern, sleek, simple, and classic. I chose White House Custom Color to print my albums for a couple reasons a) they are the top professional printing lab in the country and b) they have a lot of options for album sizes and number of spreads. I knew I would have the freedom to design the album to match my brand and I knew I could rest assured knowing that my clients would be getting the highest quality prints available. These albums will last more than a lifetime. 

The Kayla Smith Photography album has a simple grey fabric cover. When you open the book, you will feel the thick pages (.23mm) - this is one of my favorite parts about the album. Your wedding photographs will be printed on Satin Lustre coated paper which has a soft, satiny finish - neither too glossy nor too matte. You will have a variety of layout options to choose from and the final design will be approved by you before sent to the printer. The albums are 8 inches by 12 inches and come in three options:

15 spreads $270

20 spreads $345

25 spreads $420

(1 spread = 2 pages)

Past, present, and future wedding clients, contact me if you're interested in purchasing a wedding album.