The art of authentic fall family photos


As my tagline states…

“The last thing you want is to let both big and small moments in life pass you by. I create authentic, beautiful, and meaningful photographs that allow you to cherish those fleeting moments forever.”

These are the words that I live by when it comes to photographing anything: weddings, engagements, seniors, and especially families. It is a motto that I truly believe in. Whenever I veer off course from that statement, my photos become flat shadows of reality. They stop revealing the truth of the people in them. It’s not my goal as a photographer to create your standard, static, run-of-the-mill family photos. It is my goal, however, to display the relationship of my subjects to each other rather than the relationship of my subjects to my camera. Sometimes I want it to look like I was never there at all. 


Sure, I will take your classic family photos where everyone is looking at the camera. There’s definitely a place for that. But the art of authentic family photos happens in the in-between moments: when mom is cuddling with her son, when dad is helping his young daughter walk, and when the kids are playing and laughing with each other. 

I love to work with families that hold a similar view when it comes to capturing their memories. The best thing about this kind of family photography is that kids love it. They think they are playing! All the while, I am freezing these precious, fleeting moments in time for their parents. 


And if you don’t have kids, no problem. It is equally important to capture every year of marriage as you and your spouse grow and change. In fact, anniversary sessions are one of my favorite things to do. 

Fall is the busy time of the year for family portraits. If you want to work with me to create genuine images of your family this year, I would encourage you to book a session soon. I typically book sessions 1-2 months out. Below is a list of available weekend dates remaining in the season. These time slots are especially popular and will go quickly. When you’re ready to book, contact me here. 

Friday 9/23 morning and evening
Friday 9/30 morning and evening
Sunday 10/2 evening
Friday 10/7 morning and evening
Friday 10/14 morning and evening
Friday 10/21 morning and evening
Saturday 10/29 morning
Saturday 11/5 morning and evening
Saturday 11/12 morning and evening
Saturday 11/19 evening
Friday 11/25 morning and evening
Saturday 11/26 morning and evening


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