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My Favorite Spots to Take Photos in Palo Duro Canyon

I have taken engagement, family, senior, and wedding photos in Palo Duro Canyon literally dozens and dozens of times. It never gets old for me! Each time I’m driving on the flat plains and then suddenly the world opens up into the canyon, I am amazed. It is absolutely my favorite place to take pictures around Amarillo, Texas. It is beautiful and versatile. And because of that versatility, I thought it was necessary to create this blog to show some of my favorite spots within the canyon to take photos. These little sub-locations within the canyon are completely different from one another and it’s hard to choose a favorite among them. They all look great any time of year but some can look drastically different from one season to another and on those, I’ve noted which season the picture was taken in.

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Kailey + Michael | Engagement Photos in Palo Duro Canyon

I love this couple! It was yet another one of those sessions where I got too busy talking and getting to know them and started slacking on my actual job ;) We even talked for 15 minutes after the session was over. Kailey and Michael met at Nick's Fight Club, the gym where Michael works. The first day she was there he walked right up and talked to her. After several more times seeing each other at the gym, Michael eventually learned that Kailey LOVES Disney and he started quoting some of his favorite Disney lines to her. He even used a line from Mulan to ask her out for their first date. 

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Channing + Josiah | Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Session

I knew I liked Channing and Josiah when Channing first emailed me saying that my wedding photography promo video made her cry. I thought to myself, "She gets it. She understands the value of having amazing wedding photos." How could I not want to work with someone like that? Then, during our initial meeting they were still undecided on the package they would choose and they told me they would pray about it. I love that Josiah and Channing have a spirit-led life. Talk about my ideal clients. 

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Palo Duro Canyon Senior Photos | Payton

Jeremiah Johnson. That's what came to mind as I was photographing Payton's senior photos in Palo Duro Canyon. I told Payton this out loud and not only did he know what and who Jeremiah Johnson is, he said it was one of his favorite movies. Coolest senior ever. 

If you don't know who Jeremiah Johnson is, I highly suggest you follow this link and prepare to be entertained. If that entices you, you should definitely watch the full movie! I love this movie so much that it was the very first movie my husband and I watched together when we were dating. Not even kidding. 

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Palo Duro Canyon Engagement Session | Angela + Christopher

I love the story of how Angela and Christopher met. Each of them signed up for an account on and little did they know that they would find the person they would one day marry. I love that you can sign up for an online dating site and meet your soul mate just like that. You never know that your future spouse is right around the corner...or sitting on a computer hundreds of miles away. 

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