Hannah + Ty | Colorful, Free-Spirited Wedding in Palo Duro Canyon

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Ty and Hannah’s wedding was one for the books.

It was totally, 100%, completely different from any other wedding that I have photographed and that is a beautiful thing! It was refreshing, real, and so much fun.

Hannah and Ty came from Houston to get married in Palo Duro Canyon simply because they love it. They had tons of bridesmaids and groomsmen and family members come up to support them because they are very clearly loved and cherished by many. And I can see why. Both Hannah and Ty have something about themselves that attracts people to them like a magnet. They light up the room when they walk in and I noticed that right from the start.

When Ty saw Hannah for the first time on their wedding day during their first look, he exclaimed, “I want to propose again!” They are unabashedly in love with each other, even after 7 years of dating. Their wedding was a true reflection of their free spirited personalities and it was filled with the sweetest details that were put together by one of Hannah’s relatives (who I can’t believe is not a professional wedding planner!).

Gosh, I feel lucky to have been able to document this wedding. Hannah and Ty, you two are amazing.

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