Seth + Jayla | Traditional and Elegant Wedding at St. Mary's Cathedral in Amarillo

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Seth and Jayla are really the loveliest, sweetest people and I feel lucky that they chose me to take their wedding photos. And not only are they sweet, but their family and friends are spectacular. They had some of the nicest bridesmaids and groomsmen that I’ve encountered in the many weddings that I’ve photographed. It’s no wonder they invited over 400 people to their wedding! They are loved by many.

Their day took place at St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Amarillo, Texas. The first time they saw each other that day was when Jayla walked down the aisle. I love a first look but sometimes you can’t beat the feeling of seeing your bride walk down the aisle of your church surrounded by everyone you love. After their ceremony we went to a private home in Amarillo to take wedding party pictures and we had so much fun!

Once back at the reception, Seth and Jayla took part in a Nazareth, Texas (where he’s from) wedding tradition with a twist. Normally, the bride enters the reception pushed in a wheelbarrow by the groom. However, Seth is a doctor so the wedding party somehow procured an ancient, decrepit wheelchair that Seth would use to push Jayla around the parking lot. It was hilarious! Their facial expressions had me dying with laughter while I edited the photos. After that they had a grand march, first dances, and then they danced the night away.

Venue: St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral

Flowers: Freeman’s Flowers

Hair & Makeup: Lisa Chavez of Vuja De

DJ: Jack Light

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