Ling + Dawt | Vibrant Amarillo, Texas Engagement Session

Ling + Dot-1.jpg
Ling + Dot-2.jpg

What a lovely pair these two make! They didn’t let the surprise thunderstorm we experienced when we got to Palo Duro Canyon crush their spirits. And honestly, bring me all the thunderstorms! They bring about the craziest but most beautiful, unique light that I can imagine. It makes photos so personal and so out-of-the-norm. While we waited out the rain for 45 minutes in our car, I didn’t feel lucky but once it subsided and we started shooting again I became downright giddy.

This is my third shoot with people from the Burmese community here in Amarillo and I could take photos of them a thousand more times. I love them. I think my favorite photos are in the middle outfit because the red traditional Burmese dress that Dot wore is SO vibrant. With her dark hair, she is gorgeous.

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