Alyssa + Dexter | Spring Wedding at Walnut Tree in Olton, Texas

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Alyssa and Dexter’s wedding was the perfect start to the 2019 wedding season. It had beautiful spring weather, a sweet first look, elegant lace, vintage details, some spectacular reception dance moves, and a family band jam session after the send off! What more could I ask for?

Alyssa and Dexter are quite perfect together. He is quiet but you can tell he is so comfortable with her. They laugh, they kiss, and they seem to communicate without words.

Speaking of the jam session, it was one of my favorite parts of the day and totally unexpected. The sparkler send off was over and then Alyssa’s family members started making musical instruments appear out of nowhere. Suddenly, they were all lined up in front of Walnut Tree’s barn, ready to make music, with Alyssa in the middle. That was something I had never seen at a wedding before and it was so special.

What a beautiful day!

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