Hla Hla + Samuel | Downtown Amarillo Engagement Photos

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I think I may be the official photographer of the Amarillo Chin Christian Church! Haha

A few weeks ago I took pictures of two girls Ngun and Zing for their upcoming pageant this summer with the Burmese American community, all arranged by their friend, Par. (I can’t share those pictures until after the pageant). Well, Par gave me a call a couple weeks ago because Hla Hla and Samuel needed engagement pictures! I was so excited for the opportunity to work with them again because last time was such a wonderful experience.

Hla Hla and Samuel were so sweet and even through a language barrier, I felt like I got to know them! Par translated for us. I truly, truly hope that I can take more pictures of the people in their community and church because I love learning their stories. And I can’t lie, their traditional Burmese dresses are BREATHTAKING so that’s a huge perk!

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