BIG, exciting news for Kayla Smith Photography!

headshot June 2019-3.jpg

Over the past several years of working as a photographer, I have been truly blessed. I’m excited to announce that I will now be opening a photography studio!

I have had many clients express the need for 1) a place to take photos indoors when the weather is bad 2) something different from the usual on-location sessions and 3) types of sessions I had not been able to offer without a space of my own (professional headshots, newborns, etc).

I can’t wait to create beautiful, modern portraits for my clients. It has always been my goal to give clients timeless pictures - because I want you to love them years from now! I think that having a studio gives me a unique opportunity to do just that. No distractions and simplicity. The focus is entirely on the subjects and the connections between them.

I will still continue to offer on location sessions and wedding photography, of course! No one could tear me away from my beloved Palo Duro Canyon.

I’m so excited to meet the new people that will come through my door while still serving my amazing existing clients! If you have a session coming up in the future, you can add the studio as one of your locations! I’m still offering half hour, 1 hour and 2 hour sessions - my usual - and the studio will act as one of the location options (See pricing options here).

It’s going to be SO fun to have a place of my own and to give studio photography my own personal spin because it’s not what you might think. It’s fresh, it’s modern, and it’s so, so lovely.

And the next part of the big news…

This studio will be open for other photographers, creatives, artists, businesses, etc. who are in need of a space to create! Creatives will be able to reserve the studio on an hourly basis from sun-up to sun-down! The studio has a ton of natural light but I also provide easy to use lighting. Everything in the studio is available to be used by the people who reserve the space. Among other things, the amenities include 1000 square feet of shooting space, a clothes changing room with big mirrors, rolling backdrops, seamless papers, 3 couches, a variety of other seating options, and amazing wireless speakers for playing music (provided by Custom Home Theater of Amarillo).

To see more information on reserving the space, click here.

Okay, now for the pictures!

First, I want to show off my variety of backgrounds. We built these rolling backdrop walls so I could have ultimate creative freedom when it comes to lighting and combinations of elements/colors since I will mostly be relying on natural light. I can repaint the backgrounds at any time if I get bored with a color but currently I have black (my favorite!), gray, green, pink, light blue, and metallic gold. I also have plain white and a wooden herringbone wall. And I don’t even have to stick to just the regular backgrounds - it’s my studio and I can do what I want! ;) I will also have a variety of seamless paper backgrounds (not pictured).


Can you tell I like mid-century modern style?

Now, for the details. For now, I have several plants to add texture to images but I will be adding more elements over time (especially for mini session events that I will host). I have three couches for my clients to sit upon. I will always be adding more and changing things up!


Lastly, the gear! Since I am primarily a natural light photographer, I wanted the experience of shooting in my studio to be natural to me. I don’t want to change my style. While most studios would use strobes (flashes) I have chosen to use a daylight balanced LED light to increase the light in my studio when needed. It feels right to me because it’s just the same as the sunshine that I love. There’s no right or wrong to photography and I have no plans to change my style, so I’m going with what I know.

headshots for story-4.jpg

Bonus! Here are some pictures of me in my studio. Let’s see what we can create together!

headshots for story-3.jpg
headshots for story-2.jpg