My Favorite Spots to Take Photos in Palo Duro Canyon

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I have taken engagement, family, senior, and wedding photos in Palo Duro Canyon literally dozens and dozens of times. It never gets old for me! Each time I’m driving on the flat plains and then suddenly the world opens up into the canyon, I am amazed. It is absolutely my favorite place to take pictures around Amarillo, Texas. It is beautiful and versatile. And because of that versatility, I thought it was necessary to create this blog to show some of my favorite spots within the canyon to take photos. These little sub-locations within the canyon are completely different from one another and it’s hard to choose a favorite among them. They all look great any time of year but some can look drastically different from one season to another and on those, I’ve noted which season the picture was taken in.

This should help you choose where in the canyon you want your photos taken!

  1. Valley

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ave + kaden blog-14.jpg
senior port-69.jpg
sawyer and emily blog-35.jpg
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Kelsey blog-27.jpg
ford blog-14.jpg

2. Desert

amarillo family photographer-153.jpg
amarillo family photographer-23.jpg
amarillo family photographer-45.jpg
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channing blog (20 of 60).jpg
lauren blog (14 of 41).jpg

3. Forest


amarillo family photographer-135.jpg
senior port-26.jpg




amarillo family photographer-49.jpg
ave + kaden blog-2.jpg


esther + lucas blog-13.jpg
senior port-151.jpg

4. Rocky Rim

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tony blog-25.jpg

5. Grassy Rim

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sawyer and emily blog-50.jpg
esther + lucas blog-35.jpg
wed port-14.jpg
ave + kaden blog-26.jpg
leah blog-38.jpg

6. Grasslands


maddison blog-323.jpg


amarillo family photographer-34.jpg
lauren blog (10 of 41).jpg


amarillo family photographer-170.jpg
amarillo family photographer-37.jpg


esther + lucas blog-7.jpg
senior port-152.jpg

7. Someplace Adventurous

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