Bethany + Tyler | Snowy Morning Winter Wedding at St. Mary's in Amarillo

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I’ve said this before but I owe so much to Bethany. When I was first starting out in wedding photography about 4 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) she gave me a chance. She referred me to her friend who was about to get married. I shot that wedding and then a few more that Bethany referred me to. Then those weddings led to many more. I don’t know what caused Bethany to be such an evangelist for me but I will always be indebted to her for it.

My heart is seriously filled with joy knowing that Bethany found the man that God made for her. For Tyler and Bethany, the wedding day is a fun celebration of their love. But more importantly, they have a lifetime of love and happiness before them. I have no doubt about that.

For their morning wedding, we were blessed with a blanket of pristine snow. It was a unique day. It was cold, certainly, but it seemed like Bethany and Tyler didn’t notice (or pretended not to) as they saw each other for the first time during their first look.

The rest of the day was relaxed and fun - the way a wedding day should be. They served waffles during their reception and Tyler unexpectedly tossed the bouquet during their send off! I love that Bethany and Tyler gave me extra time after the day was all over to take pictures of just the two of them.

Bethany and Tyler are rarely without smiles on their faces on a regular day, so just imagine how it was on their wedding day. It was such an honor to serve them.

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