Kelsey + Danny | Westminster Presbyterian and Bowery Warehouse Wedding

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Kelsey and Danny’s wedding at Westminster Presbyterian and their reception at the Bowery Warehouse was my first of the autumn wedding season and it made me wish it was fall all year round. I love it when I get to soak in the rich hues of the season and leave behind some of the heat of summer.

I loved that Kelsey and Danny’s wedding had two very contrasting venues - Westminster Presbyterian has an understated elegance and the Bowery Warehouse is beautifully industrial. Kelsey and Danny weaved the two venues together seamlessly by keeping everything simple and classic.

They also allowed for tons of time to take photos of just the two of them which I love! It gave them a chance to hang out as husband and wife (with a couple of photographers present) and we really got to document those first few moments of their marriage.

Venue: Westminster Presbyterian and the Bowery Warehouse

Flowers: Parie Designs

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