Cassie + Calum | Breezy Summer Wedding in Perryton, Texas

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High school sweethearts Cassie and Calum got married in their home church in Perryton, Texas - a place that is near and dear to their hearts. These two have been together a long time and it’s clear that they are best friends. They are at peace together. Their wedding at the First Baptist Church of Perryton was filled with personal touches and beautiful flowers. It was a special moment when Cassie and Calum decided to recite handwritten vows to each other before their ceremony. Without a crowd watching, they expressed their love to one another. Then, they got married among their family and friends. 

Venue | First Baptist Church of Perryton and Museum of the Plains 

Flowers | Parie Designs

Hair & Makeup | The Hair and Makeup Collective 

Cake | The Ruffled Cup

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