Amy + Trevor | St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral Wedding

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Amy and Trevor had a joy that just radiated from them on their wedding day. They are one of those couples that cares most about simply being married to each other - the busy-ness and craziness that often accompany a wedding day were not present. The dress, the venue, the flowers, even me, the photographer, were secondary to what was most important - getting married. 

Their wedding day was celebrated with many family traditions. For example, Amy entered the reception on a wheelbarrow pushed by her new husband. They also did a huge grand march where in the end, Amy and Trevor found themselves in the middle of all of their wedding guests for their first dance. 

Best of all, Amy, whose dad passed away several years ago, carried his hat as her mom walked her down the aisle. After her first dance with Trevor, Amy danced with her mom, two brothers, sister, uncle, and father in law. 

It was the most beautiful, happy day. 

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