Logan + Marc | Classic Summer Wedding at Spirit Ranch

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I'm pretty sure that Marc's reaction when he saw his bride Logan for the first time on their wedding day was the best I've seen. He certainly set the bar high for other guys to reach with his emotional reactions - both during the first look and as she was walking down the aisle. Real, raw moments like that make me so excited on a wedding day. 

Logan and Marc got married at Spirit Ranch outside of Lubbock, Texas surrounded by their family and friends. The couple and their families are from Big Springs, Texas so this was a destination wedding for them. They invited everyone who has supported them during the many years of their relationship and SO many people showed up. They are very much loved. 

While the ceremony was emotional and sweet, the reception was a big, fun party - just as a wedding should be. Marc and his groomsmen were hilarious and I'm fairly certain they choreographed a dance to the song "Shout." Everyone had a smile plastered on their face all night long. 

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