Maddison + Dan | Late Fall Wedding at Bar Z Winery

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Maddison and Dan got married on her father’s birthday, who passed away two years ago. To say that the day was special and meaningful would be an understatement. It was clear that her father’s memory was very much present on her wedding day both in the date itself, but also in the way that one of his favorite shirts hung in the room where she put her wedding dress on. Instead of walking down the aisle alone, Maddison was flanked by four men that were influential in her life. They couldn’t replace her father but they could support her and give her away to her soon-to-be husband. She shared a father-daughter dance with each of them.

Maddison and Dan got married in an intimate ceremony in his parents’ backyard after a sweet first look in the foyer. These two are quiet together but you can tell that they just “get” each other. Their casual reception took place at Bar Z Winery with 575 pizza, cannolis, and of course, wine. The night continued with laughter and happy tear-filled toasts.

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