Amber + Sage | Cotton Field Maternity Session

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I’m sure I’ve told this story before but I’m going to tell it again. About 4 years ago I was sitting in Roaster’s Coffee Shop where I used to spend a lot of time. A group of women were sitting around a table passing around books and one of them came up to me and asked for the chair across from me. I said yes and then asked what they were doing. She told me they were looking at their wedding albums and then I mentioned that I was a wedding photographer. She then told me that her granddaughter was a wedding planner and gave me her email address so we could meet.

That wedding planner was Amber and that small interaction spurred a business relationship that turned into a friendship. Amber and I decided to put on a bridal show (which by the way, was one of the most stressful things I’ve done but it was absolutely one of the most important steps I ever took in my business). Then over the years I watched Amber meet Sage, get married, move to Amherst, and now they are expecting their first baby, a girl named Allora.

I think it’s crazy how fast time moves forward and lives change - for the best. I can’t wait for our little girls to become friends.

Thank you for your wonderful friendship, Amber.

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