Leah + Tristan | Elegant Wedding at St. Hyacinth in Amarillo

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Man. This wedding.

This wedding gives me a lot of feelings, to say the least. I love how Leah put her wedding dress on in the living room of her childhood home. After which she pinned her dad’s boutonniere on and spent precious moments with her mom - those last few moments of her being their little girl, before they would give her away to Tristan. And after Tristan got ready he penned a letter to Leah, right before seeing her walk down the aisle.

Their ceremony took place at St. Hyacinth, where Leah grew up going to church and then afterwards, we went downtown to take bride and groom portraits with the Amarillo, Texas wind whipping around us as usual.

Their reception at Cornerstone Ranch was one of the most fun I’ve been to! I was smiling all night long as I watched people have fun and I don’t think the dance floor was ever empty. These two know how to party.

One more thing - Leah’s bridesmaids were some of the sweetest I’ve worked with. They clearly love her a lot. I know this doesn’t matter too much but they were even sweet to Addie and I, asking us several times if we had gotten something to eat. It was a 10 hour wedding day but it honestly felt like 10 minutes because of how amazing our clients were.

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