Cassidyy | Late Summer Bridal Session

Ever since I photographed Cassidyy's now-husband Daniel propose to her at Bar Z Winery last spring, we have become close friends. Really, she's much more of a friend than she is a client. First, our husbands were friends - Mason sometimes helps out playing music at their church. My second time meeting her (besides the time I unknowingly took her picture at her job two years ago!) was when we had a double date with our husbands at 575 Pizzeria. I instantly thought she was hilarious and sassy and I'm so glad to have her as a friend now. 

I didn't know her before she met Daniel but I can see that their relationship is centered around Jesus. They have become a major support system for Mason and I, especially as he starts his new job that requires a lot of travel. Even in the few months that we've been friends, they have offered us love and encouragement. They've helped us keep our eyes on Jesus and understand where the Lord wants us to go. We couldn't ask for a better friendship and we will always be grateful.

Kayla SmithComment