The Schmitz's | My own family photos in Kansas

Whenever I go back home to Highland, Kansas, the small town where I am from, I am always surprised about how green it is! Because I have lived in Amarillo for about four years, I often forget what the color green looks like. But seriously, growing up I didn't appreciate how beautiful my original home is. I lived in the country up until the time I went to college and I often miss the rolling hills, corn fields, and quiet nights of the country. 

This is the view from my parents' yard. I saw it every day for a decade but I didn't really see it until I moved away. 

While at home, we decided to take our family pictures since we would all be there (this doesn't happen often anymore). I was going to title this blog, "How to take your own family photos" and in the body of the blog simply write, "Don't," but my mom didn't think that was funny! It was actually pretty challenging to take our own photos while still being in the photos but a little tool called a Pocket Wizard definitely helped ;) Not to mention it's suuuuper humid in Northeast Kansas and we were all sweating so much! I guess it was good for me to get a taste of what my clients go through. 

I think the coolest thing about being home was seeing the vegetable garden my dad has planted. In everything he does, he goes to the extreme and his garden is no exception - it's about two acres in size and it's filled with pretty much every common and uncommon vegetable you can think of. My parents are teachers so they are spending their summer making the rounds at all of the local farmer's markets. 

Roscoe loved being the country and getting to run around wildly without fear of getting hit by a car (not that he has that fear). He got to sit in Mason's lap for the entire drive there and back which is his personal paradise. 

I'm always sad to leave the place where I grew up and say goodbye to my parents and sister but it was wonderful to see them for a short time.