Meet Adelyn | My new second shooter!

Addie (2 of 2).jpg

Up until this point, I have never shot a wedding without Mason by my side. When we found out he was offered a job that would take him away from doing weddings with me, I was a little nervous. At first I thought that I might be able to do it on my own but I quickly realized that I needed a second shooter. Mason has done a lot for me - he not only takes pictures but he also wrangles family members and allows me to basically be in two places at once. I knew that whoever I picked was going to be filling some pretty big shoes. 
After receiving several applicants, I found the person that I know will be an amazing second shooter and her name is Adelyn Hokanson! Addie will start out by shadowing Mason for a few weddings and then it will just be me and her. As much as I hate to lose Mason as my second shooter, I am SO excited for what the future holds with Addie. She has the sweetest personality that I know will work well with my clients. 
Most photographers hire second shooters on a contractual basis. They’ll use different second shooters from wedding to wedding. While there’s nothing wrong with this, I knew that’s not how I wanted it to be. I wanted a relationship and friendship with my second shooter. I wanted someone who will eventually get to the point where Mason and I are (okay, maybe we won’t be that close!). But I at least want us to develop a rhythm and a way of shooting that we can execute on each wedding day. 
And I know that I will have that with Addie. I loved what she said when she first emailed me, “My passion for photography is something that drives me more than anything else, and I am so eager to learn more and to keep growing as both a photographer and as an individual.” I can’t ask for much more from my employees. 
A little bit about Addie: She grew up in Dumas, Texas and just recently graduated from Amarillo College and will be attending WTAMU in the fall where she is studying media and communications. She has a big interest in videography and all things related to media. She has a sweet, soft heart but she also knows how to get things done. 
I originally met her about a year ago at the open house for 8th Street Events in Dumas and we had a great conversation about photography. So the moral of the story is that if you nerd out about photography with me, I’ll give you a job ;)
But seriously, I can’t wait for all of my clients to meet her! I couldn’t ask for a better addition to my (small) team.