It's finally happening! Wedding Videography with Kayla Smith Photography


I can't tell you how many times I have been asked if I do wedding videography. It's countless. Over the past couple of years, Mason and I have recognized the need for high-end wedding videographers in Amarillo. We have worked with our videographer and friend, Daniel Vestal, for a couple of years and we always wanted him to come on board with us. Now, the stars have aligned and we are working with him to offer wedding videography to our clients. 

We see a lot of benefits to hiring a photographer and videographer that is housed under one roof. For one thing, Daniel, Mason, and myself have worked together a lot. He has done commercial work for us and I even photographed his wedding. We have all known each other for years. On your wedding day, we will flow together seamlessly. We'll have our routine set in stone and we'll be able to capture your day without the excess communication that comes with working with unfamiliar videographers. When we work with other videographers, we have to talk a lot to make sure we don't get in each other's shots. This results in wasted time and effort and less final images for you.

It's a lot more relaxed for you when your photographer and videographer have worked together. Rather than competing for your time, we can work together (at the same time) to capture photos and video. We know that you don't want to spend your ENTIRE wedding day in front of the camera and this allows us to get the shots we need in less time. And we promise to make it fun!

Another benefit is that there will be one less vendor for you to communicate and plan with prior to your wedding day. You will only have to speak with me to develop a timeline for the photography and videography for your day. That's one less vendor that you have to spend time planning with and emailing. You can speak with Daniel if you want to - but the point is, you won't have to. 

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Here are some examples of Daniel's amazing work. 

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