Kayla's Favorite Wedding Vendors: Amarillo Wedding DJ & Entertainment

One of the things that makes my job as a wedding photographer more joyful, productive, and fun is being able to work with top notch vendors in the wedding industry. In this blog series, I put some of my favorite fellow vendors in the spotlight. These are people and venues that I love to work with. I promise that each of them does exceptional work and they care about their clients as much as I do.

I might be a little bit biased about this one but I have to highlight one of the best wedding DJs in Amarillo: Amarillo Wedding DJ & Entertainment, owned by none other than my husband, Mason. I’ll try to be as objective as possible but hey, he’s my husband and co-photographer at weddings so of course I think he’s the best ;) 

I am highlighting my favorite vendors because I think my clients deserve the best but I’m also doing this for a selfish reason. Each of the vendors that my brides choose will have a big effect on the photos that I take. Great venues, makeup artists, florists, planners, and DJs will allow me to take better photos of your wedding day. 

Djs are especially vital when it comes to creating fun, memorable reception photos. This is the time of the day when you are guaranteed to capture the best (and possibly only) shots of your weddings guests and a good DJ will help facilitate an environment for candid moments. 

Let me tell you, I have seen some bad DJs. Inexperienced DJs will have awkward transitions between songs with lulls that are sometimes moments long. If you want to keep your guests on the dance floor, this won’t help. I’ve also seen some brides have to stop a DJ from playing a certain song because it was too inappropriate (a good DJ will address this kind of thing beforehand and will know your “don’t play” list). 

The worse thing is when DJs appear to be playing songs only because they like them, not because the bride and groom picked them. It’s easy to see when this is happening because no one is dancing and the songs aren’t even dance-worthy. It’s totally awkward. Other issues that I’ve seen with amateur DJs are cheap lights that show up on guests’ faces in photos and bad sound systems. 

Mason is relatively new to the DJ world but he is veteran in the music industry and an expert in sound. His equipment is seriously top-of-the-line and his set-up is both professional sounding and professional looking. 

Mason works with brides and grooms long before the wedding day to create a detailed list of must-have songs, don’t-play songs, and specific songs for certain moments such as the father/daughter dance, bouquet toss, anniversary dance, etc. 

He also offers decorative lighting for your reception venue. He can install uplighting in the room in any color of your choice. This uplighting adds a lot of dimension to your reception decor without a ton of hassle or cost. 
You might be wondering, “How can Mason be my wedding DJ if he’s my wedding photographer too?” Though Mason is heavily involved in the planning process of your wedding reception, he won’t be there on your wedding day (unless he’s photographing it with me!). Instead, he hires excellent, pro DJs to do the job.

When hiring Amarillo Wedding DJ & Entertainment you know what you’re getting: a reliable and professional DJ that knows exactly how to keep your reception exciting and fun for your guests. 

The best part? He’s actually affordable! You can see a list of his pricing and packages by clicking here. 

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