An easy, inexpensive way to display prints from your wedding or photography session

I always encourage my clients to get their photos printed. What's the point in hiring a photographer if you don't do anything with the digital files afterward. Your memories will sit on a hard drive, collecting dust, only to be looked at a couple times a year. Your memories from your wedding or family photo session should be on display!

I know that the cost of getting prints made can inhibit some people from doing it. Because of that, I want to show off an easy, inexpensive (dare I say cheap?) way to get your images off your computer and onto your wall. It's something I've become a little obsessed with and have ordered several times. It's the square print set from You get 25 prints for around 20 bucks! That's unheard of in the world of high quality prints. This square print set is perfect for both professional photos but it also works well for printing your Instagram memories. 

I've got these prints all over my home because I really, really love them. It makes me happy to see my family moments on a daily basis and I want my clients to experience that too. I don't have any affiliation with Artifact Uprising but I do consider it my job to let my own clients know of cool, helpful things that will aid in their experience with me. 

Here are some creative ways that I display my own prints:

Kayla SmithComment