Kayla's Favorite Wedding Vendors | Bella Vie Venue & Event Center

One of the things that makes my job as a wedding photographer more joyful, productive, and fun is being able to work with top notch vendors in the wedding industry. In this blog series, I put some of my favorite fellow vendors in the spotlight. These are people and venues that I love to work with. I promise that each of them does exceptional work and they care about their clients as much as I do. 


Bella Vie Venue & Event Center, one of Lubbock's newest wedding venues, is literally a photographer's dream. I could shoot hundreds of weddings here and not get tired of it. I believe that this venue is so successful and so beautiful for one main reason: the owner is a photographer herself (I'm fairly certain that every venue would be a lot prettier if they would consult a photographer in the design process but that's just my opinion). 

First of all this venue has gorgeous light and that's 80% of the battle when trying to take pictures. The main room has a ceiling that's kind of a like a greenhouse roof and it lets in the most perfect diffused light. LIGHT IS EVERYTHING. And Bella Vie has a ton of the good kind. 


The venue is classically elegant and it's a refreshing break from the rustic trend. Let's face it, rustic is popular in West Texas but it's good to get away from that every now and then. Bella Vie is timeless and beautiful - just the way I like a venue to be. It's nearly impossible to take a bad picture in Bella Vie. 

And lastly, since the owner is a photographer, she has a photo studio next door. I don't know if she does this for everyone, but she let me go into her studio and take some pictures during a wedding. I was able to get some of the most unique images I've ever taken. 


Shooting a wedding at Bella Vie put some life back into my bones because it allowed me to simply do my job. Every corner of the venue is taken care of and photo-worthy. I never had to worry about bad light. I can't wait to shoot another wedding here!

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