Lisa + Tony | River Falls Proposal Shoot


I've known Tony for a couple of years now. In fact, the first time I met Tony was at D'Vine Wine here in Amarillo when he was on one of his very first dates with Lisa. It's crazy how when you just start dating someone you have no idea where it's going to go and suddenly, you're getting engaged. It's amazing to look back on. 

Tony told me that Lisa offhandedly commented that she wanted to do a photo session with me and then he also told me that he was about to propose to her. We decided that it would be perfect to tell her that it was just a normal couple's photo shoot and at the end, I would give the signal, and he would propose...with all of it being captured on camera. 

The entire session went perfectly and Lisa had no clue what was coming. We drove out to River Falls (outside of Amarillo and next to Lake Tanglewood) and Lisa's boss drove us around on his Polaris Ranger (not going to lie, I thought we were going to roll that thing and I was freaking out!) However, we made it safely to our destination: a beautiful waterfall that flows off a cliff into a blue pool and creates a lush, green oasis. It was amazing and so unlike the rest of the Amarillo landscape. I photographed Tony and Lisa for about 30 minutes, then I gave Tony the signal and he proposed! Lisa was shocked and ecstatic as you can clearly see from the photos below. 

After they had a moment to breathe and come to the realization that they just got engaged, we all toasted with sparkling Moscato. Then we rode around on the Ranger for a couple more hours, exploring River Fall's canyons, caves, and beautiful meadows (I will blog those photos in the near future). In those moments, I was incredibly thankful for my life and especially my job. I'm truly blessed to do what I love. 

And I'm so happy for Tony and Lisa! Congratulations you two!