Lisa + Cory | Engagement Photos at the Panhandle Inn

Lisa and Cory have a thing for old, abandoned buildings and when they found out that I had taken pictures in the Panhandle Inn previously, they were all in. The Panhandle Inn is located in Panhandle, Texas and it was built almost 100 years ago. It ceased operations several decades ago and now it sits empty on the main street of the small town. Efforts to restore the Inn have been made over the years but it remains a relic of the past and it is perfect for taking unique portraits in. 

Together, Lisa, Cory, and I explored the Inn's many rooms and I won't lie, I'm always a bit creeped out when I go in there. I'm easily scared and the Inn has had stories of paranormal activity. Nothing happened to us while we were there (thank goodness!). Lisa and Cory's engagements photos are certainly like no one else's. 

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