John + Andrea | Amarillo Wedding Photographer

To start the blog for Andrea & John's wedding photos, I have to give a little bit of history about my friendship with Andrea. 

In the Spring of 2012, I was a college student at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS. I was studying Art and in figure drawing, I met a girl named Hannah Gordon. Throughout the semester, amidst the naked models and endless critiques, we became friends and discovered each others' mutual Christian faith. Eventually, she invited me to go on a mission trip with her that summer to Kodiak, Alaska. I didn't even have to think about. It sounded like the adventure of a lifetime so I immediately said yes. We found out from the director of the mission in Alaska that some other girl (Andrea) from K-State was also going that summer. So we contacted her and the three of us decided to have lunch at Green Tea Sushi in Manhattan, which was to become our usual eating place. The only problem was that Andrea had never eaten sushi before but she was too polite to tell us. We all ordered our food and when the sushi came to our table I vividly remember Andrea picking at her California Roll, only eating the bits of cucumber and whatever else she liked. She hated it and we felt horrible. Luckily, over the summer in Alaska she was introduced to REAL sushi made from fresh caught fish.

I have too many stories to tell from my time with Andrea and Hannah and everyone else at the Kodiak Baptist Mission. Too many conversations, too many silly things I did (skinny dipping in the Pacific in the middle of the night, voluntarily getting tazed, scaling a 100 foot waterfall, eating the beating heart of a fish), too much Type 2 fun and luckily no Type 4 fun (that one's for you Kodiak people). Hannah and Andrea were there for some of the greatest memories of my life so far. The craziest time I had with Andrea alone was when we attempted to climb Barometer Mountain on our own and ended up losing the trail and getting knee-deep in Kodiak mud. 

That summer I began a long distance friendship and soon to be relationship with my now-husband and Andrea, my roommate, got to listen to my four hour phone conversations with Mason every night. She loved making fun of me for that. I remember when everyone in the house we lived in called Mason and put him on the "hot seat." That meant they could ask him any question they wanted. That reminds me, we need to put John in the hot seat ;)

The pictures I took while in Kodiak, solidified Andrea's status as my biggest fan. Every time I uploaded new pictures to Facebook she would swoon over them and sometimes they would even bring her to tears. So you can imagine the joy I felt when she asked me to photograph her wedding. My favorite thing about Andrea is that she is literally up for anything. No adventure is too much and while I don't know John that well, I can clearly see that he, too, is up for anything. They are going to have so many adventures in this life together. 

I love you both so much.

I had trouble choosing which of their wedding photos were my favorites so I chose TON. Here we go.