Introducing my client referral system.

One of my biggest goals when running Kayla Smith Photography is to truly connect with my clients. I want to meet couples as soon as they get engaged, photograph their wedding, then be around to take pictures of their kids when that time comes. I want to develop trust with my clients. 

Another big goal is to provide my clients with an amazing product because they deserve it. 100%. I want them to be so happy with what I do for them that they run to their friends and blab about it. To encourage this "blabbing" I have decided to create a client referral system. I want to give back to those clients who I have had the honor of photographing and who love my work so much that all their friends know it. 

If you are a client of mine and you refer three new clients to me (and they each book at least a one hour session) I would like to give you a free one hour session. No strings attached. You can have individual portraits taken, family portraits, portraits of just your kids. etc. You can use it however you want within 3 months.  

I am unbelievably grateful each time a client refers me to someone they know. The least I can do is this. Thank you for your continued support. 



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