Why you need to purchase photographic prints | Amarillo TX Photographer

I was recently sitting in my favorite coffee shop and a large groups of women began to gather around the conference table. Each of them had a bound, fancy-looking book in their hands. One of them walked over to me and asked if she could take the other chair at my table. I said yes and then my curiosity got the best of me so I asked her what they were up to. As it turned out, they were looking at and swapping each other’s wedding albums. 

I told her that I am a wedding photographer here in Amarillo. After she went back to her table, I became kind of sad. When I got married, I only paid for the digital images from my photographer. So that’s all I have. I have a few prints but not many. I certainly don’t have an album full of the beautiful images from my wedding. Seeing those women smiling over their albums has sinced spurred me to purchase more actual printed photographs from my wedding. I now have one of my favorites hanging over my bed, while my digital files are buried deep on an external hard drive. 

And what happens when technology fails us? Which it so often does. If I don’t have those files backed up in multiple places, I could lose every picture from my wedding. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a professional wedding photographer and either forget about your photos or lose them completely?

I am a “shoot and burn” photographer at heart. I provide my clients with a gallery of their images where they can easily download and order prints. I love this business model because it allows for nothing to be in between my clients and their memories. Most other photographers don’t allow their clients to keep full-resolution digital files and they charge a 500-1000% mark-up on prints. The average client won't be able to order many prints after already spending money on the sitting fee. 

So while I give my clients the digital files, I urge them to order prints, from me or from somewhere else. The last thing I want is for a client's photos to show up on Facebook for a few days, then be forgotten in cyberspace.

When you buy prints, scatter the walls of your home with them and save the digital files. Put them in a nice album and look at them from time to time. That way, there’s no way your memories will be lost.

Kayla SmithComment