WTAMU Senior Photo Session | Taylor



When another photographer hires me to take photos for them, I get a bit nervous. If I hired a photographer, I would expect perfection and I'm pretty sure other photographers expect the same. I'm a bit of a "pixel peeper" and I'm willing to bet that others pros are too. So I know that going into it I have to deliver great quality, tack sharp, and creative images that my client will love (of course, I expect this from myself for every session). 

Taylor here is a fellow photographer. She immediately put me at ease because she is so fun to be around! We shared quite a few laughs in our short 1/2 hour session...talking about the funny things we do while taking photos. While I tend to overuse the word "cute!" she tends to say to her clients, "peeerrrrrrfect." 

It was fun to giggle and joke around with a fellow photographer rather than dislike each other just because we are in competition. Friendship and community over competition. That's the way to be. 

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