Canyon, TX Fall Wedding Photographer | Cassie + Alex


Cassie + Alex's Canyon, TX Wedding at West Texas A&M University was full of sweet, funny, and GENUINE moments. I love that. Many times at a wedding there will be a specific shot list of things to photograph. When this gets too extensive, it's easy to lose sight of and miss real live actual emotions. I love when Cassie's dad saw her for the first time in her wedding dress. Real tears of joy...captured for eternity. I especially love the moment when he wiped the tears from her eyes and prepared to give her away to Alex, the man of her dreams. 

Their wedding was also fun! Cassie is sweet and quiet and Alex is a bit of a goofball (though I can tell he has a serious side). Their personalities coming together on their wedding day created an intimate, personal, down to earth sort of day. That's my kind of wedding. 

Congratulations Cassie + Alex! I know that you have many, many years of joy ahead of you.