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A big component of my business is open and honest transparency with my clients. I think I can speak for most photographers when I say that there are a few things we would like to tell our clients. Not bad things. Just things. Things that will make the client to business relationship much smoother and enjoyable for everyone involved. This list is for all types of photo sessions > weddings, senior, family, commercial, babies, etc. 

So here's what I (and other photographers) want you to know.

Tell me what you think. As soon as I hand off a disc of images to a client I think about them going home and putting it in their computer and looking at all of the pictures I took. The worst thing you can do to me is leave me hanging. I'm not talking about fishing for compliments. Good or bad: I want to know what you think. I want to improve from the things I did wrong and I want to be proud of myself for what I did right. I'm selfish like that.  

Get your posse in ship-shape. This goes for unruly wedding parties, kids, husbands, and other people who aren't paying for the photo session themselves and who couldn't care less about being there. It is your responsibility to explain the importance of the photography session and tell them to be on their best behavior. You can't blame the photographer when your kids don't know how to behave. And for wedding parties, the bride and groom need to make sure the bridesmaids and groomsmen will listen to everything the photographer says because you only get once chance to take amazing photos.  

I live off of your referrals. Most of my income does not come from Facebook, email marketing campaigns, or web searches. It comes from the awesome things that past clients tell their friends about me. I have found that most people won't hire a photographer unless they heard about them from a friend or relative. I literally thrive on you blabbing about your (hopefully good) experience. That's why I include business cards with your disc. Please use them! I am eternally grateful. 

Don't tell me "that brick wall over there" is going to be good background. It's not. And it ruins my creative flow. 'Nuff said. 

I can only work with what I'm given. Sure, I can position you in the most flattering angles but I can't make everyone look like a supermodel. And I don't want to. I want to capture the real you. That's what it's all about for me. I can't help it if your kids have squinty eyes. Also, if your wedding venue is less than stellar, I can't make it look like you got married in the Sistine Chapel or on a beach in Hawaii. The lighting, the venue, and the people are what I have to work with and I will fight as hard as I can to do the best possible job in every circumstance. 

Hire a photographer based on their style and don't try to turn them into someone else. I take a journalistic approach to my photos. It's a hard stretch for me take the standard, posed photos. I think that shows up in my work. I like to take timeless photos that reveal my subject's personality. I want to get the little laughs in between the posed shots. I'll take the posed group pictures if you really want them but they probably won't show up on my website. I have a personal style, as all photographers do, and I like what I like. Hire me for that.

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