My first love | Amarillo TX Photographer

Film photography was my first love. I'm talking 35mm, roll of Ilford film, dark room, chemicals...all of it. I love it. LOVE IT. I got my first taste of film photography in college. I was lucky enough to attend a university that still offered traditional photography. Surprisingly, they didn't even have digital classes.

I could spend hours in the solitude of the darkroom on the weekends. I craved the act of developing the roll of film, making a contact sheet, sliding my desired pictures into the enlarger and exposing the light-sensitive paper. Then I would slip the paper into the bath, agitate it and watch as the picture I took came to fruition. 

The most beautiful thing about it was how hard it was. I loved that it took trial and error. I had to do every bit of the work. 

The sense of challenge shows up in film photography. The final images seem more tense and more permanent than a digital photograph.

Looking back at my photos reminds me of a different time in my life...a time that I miss. I have several rolls of undeveloped film from a summer spent in Alaska that I have postponed developing. I wish I could do it myself but I simply don't have the equipment. It's going to be amazing to see those pictures one day but I refuse to let someone else develop them. I took the pictures, I have to do the work. The waiting only makes those pictures that much more special and eternal. 


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