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I became interested in photography at a young age as a direct result of my dad. I distinctly remember the heartbreak I felt when I watched my dad sell his last box of darkroom equipment during a summer garage sale. As the man handed my dad the cash, my dad handed the box to him. 

But my day would come. A couple of years later, every time my parents left the house I would pull out some white sheets of paper for backgrounds and set up little still lifes in the light of the window using my Canon point and shoot camera to capture the scenes. When I got to high school I immediately signed up for the newspaper and the yearbook so I could take pictures. When I went to college, I quickly realized my first chosen career path wasn't go to work for me. I kept telling myself, "All I want to do is be a photographer. What am I doing trying to be a dietician? It's not what I want."

So I decided to major in photography. I spent hours upon hours in the darkroom of my university, or in the huge photography section of the library, or out in the streets taking pictures. 

What I am trying to say here is that I have spent long, grueling, amazing hours learning and honing my craft. Some people might get burnt out at this point, but my excitement has only grown exponentially. 

While I am not new to photography, I am new to the business aspect of it but thus far, I have learned that I love doing business, meeting new clients, and most importantly, cultivating relationships with returning clients. 

My committment to my clients is to give them images that truly represent their personality and their life. I want them to look back at the pictures I took for them years from now and be reminded of who they were at that point in their lives. I aim to create timeless, personal, unique, and excellent images for every single client. I expect nothing less than perfectionism from myself. 

It is my joy to meet a newly engaged couple, photograph their wedding, and hopefully photograph their future children. 

I want to grow my business as your family grows. 


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