Four benefits of hiring a young, fresh photographer | Amarillo TX Photographer

December 14, 2014


I happen to live in one of the most popular photo locations in Amarillo. Many days, I come home in the afternoon to find two or three photographers on my street with their clients. Some days, it's the same photographer three days in a row doing the exact same pose in the exact same spot. I am happy those photographers are getting so much business but I also feel bad for them. I never want to get so used to my job as a photographer that I take all of my clients with their different personalities to the same location. Families, couples, and seniors don't deserve canned photographs because, well, they will look canned. 

Everyone deserves timeless and unique images that are an honest display of a human life. 

Here are the 5 benefits of hiring a photographer with a fresh, new perspective: 

1. Nervous excitement - generally a newer, younger photographer will still have that excitement for each and every client. I know I do. And here's a secret- every client I have still makes me a tiny bit nervous. With this nervous excitement comes a deep care for the quality of the images I create. The photographs I take are personal to me because they are personal to you. I can only hope I still have this feeling ten years from now. I'm sure I will. 

2. They keep up with the times - As a 23 year old, you can bet I'm all over the internet. And with that, I see and admire the work of SO MANY photographers. I can see trends year by year and see when popular photography styles change. While I have my own personal style, I grow from the amazing work of others. I understand quality photography today and I aim to keep my work in pace with trends while remaining timeless. 

3. Lower prices - If you find an excellent new photographer whose work you love, chances are their prices will be much lower than the photographer who has been in business 20 years. That's just the way it works. They can both have equally amazing images. Pick the photographer you trust and connect with. But know that choosing a new photographer (as long as they do good work) can save you tons of money. 

4. You can grow with them - Nothing makes me happier than meeting a newly engaged couple, photographing their wedding, and imagining the day I get to photograph their babies. With a young, fresh photographer clients have the neat opportunity to have the same person document their entire lives. That is so cool! It will be a close, long-lasting relationship. 


Kayla SmithComment