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Fair warning: I'm not Oprah and I won't be able to give everyone who reads this thousands of dollars worth of amazing, glamorous presents. Sorry about that. 

But nevertheless, I wanted to take the time to share with you a few of my favorite things for a few reasons:


1) My photography business thrives on word of mouth to stay in business. When a client has a great experience with me it is my hope that they will spread it to all of their friends. I want to spread my good experiences with other local businesses to all of my friends! (That's you). 

2) I love good customer service. I'm not kidding. A good customer service experience makes my day. I want to salute those businesses and people that have made me feel welcomed and helped. 

3) I'm trying to be a more positive person. It's too easy to have a bad experience somewhere and write a terrible, mean review on the internet. We, as people, are quick to be negative but slow to be positive. So I want to spread some positivism. 


That being said. Here are a few of my favorite (local) things here in Amarillo, TX: 


1) Roaster's Coffee - This place is awesome. Not only do they have delicious coffee, but they have great baristas that know who I am and I know who they are. I have never had a less than stellar experience at Roaster's Coffee. I could come in there and sit for hours working on my computer feeling completely comfortable. 

2) Shorty Bear's Safety Service - No one wants to go to the mechanic and sit for hours only to be told there are a million things wrong with your vehicle. They don't do that at Shorty Bear's. They are actually honest which is a rarity among mechanics. And they get you in and out fast. 

3) Bank of America on Washington - They know my name here. They know what I do. They know who my husband is. They even remember that I am a photographer and work to bring me business. I am always greeted with a smile. That's amazing! You usually don't find that kind of personal service at massive banks like Bank of America...but here in Amarillo, TX you do. 

4) cat-man-du "your computer guru" - This place is chock full of smart, honest people that know computers. They will fix your computer quickly and get you back on track. They are also some of the most generous people I know. cat-man-du is known for the work they do in the community with the High Plain's Food Bank and CareNet Pregnancy Center, in addition to other local charities. I don't know about you but if I'm having to pay to get my computer fixed, I would rather some of that money go to help people in need rather than simply go towards a business's revenue. 

5) Panhandle Presort Services - I have had multiple printing projects completed by PPS both for Kayla Smith Photography and for other businesses. They never fail to follow through with amazing customer service and perfectionism when it comes to your projects. 

6) Enlightened Health - I am a recent customer of Enlightened Health but the experience I had was awesome. I had a massage done by Haley Wilson, Enlightened Health's massage therapist. Haley may be small, but don't be fooled, she is strong and she can give you a world-class massage. She also makes you feel comfortable which is important in that line of work. I am excited to go back to Enlightened Health for their yoga classes and nutrition services. 

7) Amarillo Chiropractic Center - Getting your bones cracked can be a little nerve wracking, right? Not at Amarillo Chiropractic Center. Jennings Smith is extremely knowledgeable and he shares that knowledge with you so you can get the highest level of chiropractic care. 

8) Chick-fil-A on Georgia - Yeah, I know that all Chi-fil-A's are supposed to have exceptional customer service but it doesn't mean we shouldn't applaud a local one for following suit! I am a regular customer of the one on Georgia Street here in Amarillo, TX and I am always made to feel welcomed.

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