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Meeting with newly engaged couples who are looking for a wedding photographer in Amarillo, TX and beyond is seriously the best. I love hearing their stories and hearing about how beautiful their wedding is going to be. I share in the excitement. Generally, engaged couples are searching for a wedding photographer in the beginnings of their engagement. This is a time when things are flexible and nothing besides the date is set in stone. And this is great!

During my initial consultation with brides and grooms, many of them ask me what my ideal wedding day schedule would be. I love answering this question because it means I have a hand in forming the wedding day. Here's my usual answer for a summer wedding in Amarillo, TX: 

Getting Ready: Begin getting ready as early in the day as you can.  I would suggest around 1 pm. Then, immediately after getting ready, bridesmaids should take group photos with the bride. After that, the groomsmen should take pictures with the groom. It is important to get as many of these groups shots finished before the ceremony as you can. If there is anything you take away from this article, let it be this! 

Ceremony: Decide on a time for your ceremony based on your needs. The best time for summer would be around 5:30 pm. This will ensure that the sun isn't crazy bright (if your wedding is outside) and it will allow a cocktail hour in between the ceremony and the reception. This cocktail hour for your guests is vital. It keeps them occupied while you have plenty of time for formal couple portraits and full wedding party portraits. 

The Reception: The reception should start at 7 pm. If your reception is outside, it will still be light outside and the setting sun (golden hour) will create the most amazing light you can achieve. Then, when it gets dark, dramatic photos can be taken with the available artificial light. 

Speaking of artificial light! Let's face it, not all weddings can be outside on a perfect summer day in the golden hour. So what's a bride to do? If you must have your wedding indoors, your best bet is to choose a venue with tons of natural light. Think a stain glassed church or maybe even some botanical gardens. After that, if you have to choose a venue with no natural light, take a good, hard look at the room. Make sure the room does not have ridiculous colors on the walls, ceilings, or floor. You don't want those crazy red drapes on the walls to clash with your colors. Just be sure to keep things simple, clean, and timeless when it comes to your venue. 

Other tips that will help you ensure good wedding photos from the start include: creating a shot list, meeting with a wedding photographer before you book them, communicating the importance of wedding photos to your wedding party (so they aren't fooling around during pictures), and making sure you know the photographer that will actually be shooting your wedding.

I would also suggest doing an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer. The majority of my wedding photography packages include and engagement session. An engagement photography session allows couples to feel more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera while allowing the photographer to learn how to work your best angles. This can only help with creating amazing photos on the wedding day. 


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